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About Tequila Blues

Learn about the history and of Tequila Blues
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our guests with a musical experience, and satisfy their thirst for “Good Tequila”.


Tequila Blues is the vision of our founder, who thought to pair Blues music with good quality Tequila. Tequila is as much a drink to sip and enjoy, as it is to sit and enjoy the lyrics of a good Blues tune. Combining the two makes it that much more enjoyable. Good spirits and old spirits merged together to warm the soul.
"Satisfying your palate, and love for blues music one drink and song at a time"

History of Tequila

Tequila, Rich in History

The very earliest form of Mexican alcohol was known as pulque and was produced by the Aztec nation as early as 1,000 BC from the fermented sap of agave cactus plants, which are used to make tequila and mezcal. This liquor was so important to Aztec culture that they even had a god of pulque called Patecatl. When the process of distilling agave cactus juice began, and how it was produced, is poorly recorded, but sources indicate it began at some point in the 1400s, during the Spanish conquest. The result was a form of liquor more like the tequila we enjoy today, and a trade in this substance between Mexico and Manila.

By the early 17th century, the first large scale distillery had been founded in the town of Tequila, but it wasn’t until the opening of the Cuervo family distillery in 1758 that tequila was produced commercially. Tequila as we might recognize it today hails from the Don Cenobio of the Sauza family (whose distillery opened in 1873) who discovered that the blue agave makes the best spirit.

Source: https://www.hotelmousai.com/blog

Tequila blues - blue agave plant

Tequila Spotlight



• SIP - 2021 Double Gold
• IWSC - 2021 Gold
• Ultimate Spirits - Great Value 92
• San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2022 Silver


Tequila Ocho is an exploration of the concept of terroir through the lens of one of the most unique raw materials available the blue agave- Brought to life by respecting a slow and traditional process - in both production process and farming sustainability. This yields an end product with immense and distinct character and guarantees it will always be some of the very best Tequila in the world
Tequila Ocho

Signature Drinks

Check out our signature drinks
Every day Happy hour Tequila Signature drinks 5:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M. $10.00 each bottle beer $5.00 (Modelo, Dos XX Tecate & Corona)
Beginning on June 12th 3-5 P.M. Wine Down Weekdays Glass of wine $8.00
Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy (House Margarita) Splash of Cognac

tequila ocho and Lunazul Tequila-2

The Prescilla Azul (Signature Margarita) with Luna Azul Blanco or Reposado  

Etta James

The Etta James (Trophy Margarita)

Jimmi Hendrix

The Jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze (Blackberry Margarita)

Janis and Beth

The Harplin - Beth Hart Janis Joplin (Old Fashioned) with a shot of Southern Comfort or made with Luna Azul anejo tequila

Tequila Blues Logo

News and Events

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Open Mic Night on Wednesday Nights from 7-9pm

Wednesday Nights | 7-9 PM
Open Mic night coming in June. Winner of the night gets $100.00 dollars and moves on to the next phase. Contact us for more details!
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Open Jam Night Every Thursday from 6-8pm

Thursday Nights | 6-8 P

 This Weekends Live Music!

FRIDAY, August 4th and Saturday August 5th  
Sunday August 6th 
Music begins at 7:00 P.M.  - 10:00 P.M.
Fri - Sat 
Music Begins at 3:30 - 6:30 P.M. 

3701 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO, 80211 

 Do you own a food truck? Contact us for  Friday, Saturday or  Sunday set up!

Food Truck Tequila Blues
Paloma drinks

Palomas On The Patio

Join us on Sundays for Palomas On The Patio from 3PM-8PM

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3701 West 32nd Ave
Denver, Colorado 80211
Tuesday - Saturday: 3 PM - 11 PM
Sunday: 2 PM - 8 PM
Monday: Closed
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